Sunday, August 3, 2008

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." ~Wallace Stevens

Roger and I just returned from spending a wonderful fews days camping in Teton Canyon. I'm still the camp director for our ward and we took 21 beautiful girls and several leaders with us. Despite one quick trip to the hospital, everything went well.
We realized much too late that our Aero bed no longer holds air... Roger is so inventive. He took the battery out of our car and left it just outside the tent. We pumped up our bed, slept for a few hours while the air leaked out, pumped it up and tried again. We managed to get in a few hours of sleep. We have decided we are much too old to sleep on the hard ground.
We live in such a beautiful part of this world. The night sky was spectacular! The stars were brilliant white and our view of the Milky Way was magnificent. It reminded us of our nights in South Dakota when we lived far away from the lights of the city.
I'm sad that I left my camera at home. We had great fun and the girls were amazing.

We had a fun family vacation in Salmon, Idaho. Thanks to those who came, especially my girls, Abby and Kylie, who are always so supportive of our family activities.

Here is Stella going for a ride in "Kapa Jack's" walker.

This photo is of me and my adventurous sisters after a fun day on the Salmon River.

Roger and Stella - hanging loose!

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Kyle Andrew said...

Laurene, this is my commenting on your blog. Thanks for being so nice to me all the time and including me in your family outings. You hardly even knew me but you didn't let that stop you. I'll never forget that.