Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There's no place like home???

We love living in Rexburg. It's a delightful mix of small town hospitality and college town fun. We have very busy lives and never run out of things to do here.

Although our home is our favorite place to be, we sure spend a lot of time visiting other places!

December - Roger and I spent a week on Maui in a hurricane

January - We celebrated "Second Christmas" in Utah with the kids

February - Rexburg was the place to be in February. It was wonderful to participate in the dedication of the Rexburg temple. We had many people visit us! We feel so blessed to have a temple a block from our house.

March - We were in Jackson Hole, WY on Easter weekend with Abby, Nick, Stella, Kylie and Landon

April - We had a blast at our "girls getaway" at Bear Lake

May - Roger had a conference at Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. I skipped school and tagged along.

June - We had a fun few days at Belagio in Las Vegas. Abby and Stella came too!

July - A quick trip to visit the kids in Utah, a family reunion in Salmon, Idaho, and then Roger and I will head up to girls camp in Teton Canyon.

There were also a few more weekends in Utah thrown in there... Do you think we'll stay home in August?


Landon and Kylie said...

Good job Mom! I think you're really getting the hang of it! And no, you're coming to visit ME in August! Remember?

abby said...

Very cute blog!! I need your Vegas pics because I lost all of mine. Welcome to our world!!

Carol said...

Welcome to the blogging world! You are going to get addicted to it. I'm excited to stalk you daily.

Chelsi & Trevor said...

Roger and Laurene - Trevor was so excited when we found your blog...maybe you can talk Bart and Sandra into starting one...eh, eh? Check out our blog when you have a minute (do you ever get one of those?), we have good news on Trevor's health front!

Carlee said...

Its the Jacksons!!! How are you guys!?!? I love the blog!

CS Bronson said...

We had no idea that you had a blog but found it on Tara's page. YAY!! That is so exciting!! Welcome to the technology world, our parents still haven't entered. Well, we love you guys!! Oh, the link to our blog is: csbronson.blogspot.com. Check it out sometime!!

Craig and Sarah