Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goodbye old shoes

Goodbye Old Shoes
You’ve served me well
I’ve worn you out
As you can tell.

Hello New Shoes
It’s plain to see
You are the perfect
Shoes for me!
Yea for comfortable shoes!
I can walk in them, work in them, and my feet are still happy!


Carol said...

Cute shoes, where did you get them? Those are the best kinds of shoes - ones that you can wear everywhere for everything.

Chelsi and Trevor said...

I hate losing old shoes! I am happy you found some new ones. I love the little poem too by the way, it can't help but remind me of this goofy saying my thrid grade teacher would always quip:

You are a poet
and you don't know it,
but your feet show it,
they're Longfellows....

Horribley cheesy, I know, but something about the rhyming and the shoes just brought that to mind.

Landon and Kylie said...

Finally! Where'd you end up getting them? They're cute!